Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From the Misc. Products Aisle: Jello 1-2-3

Product: Jell-O 1-2-3
Company: Kraft Foods
Years: 1969 - 1996

Old General Foods Jell-O 1-2-3 Gelatin Mixed Berry Box
Image by Gregg Koenig

Quick, name the first 3 things that come to your mind when I say the word "MAGIC".

"White Tigers":  OK, not really Magic, but I guess I'll give you...

"Doug Henning's Fantastic Magical Hair": Hmm....I guess it's magic related, but his hair? Really? That's what you remember the most....

"Jell-o 1-2-3": Ha ha ha.....I'm glad you're having fun dicking me around, jerk.

But guess what? The Jokes on you. Because I was going to talk about Jell-o 1-2-3 anyway. Hey wait, where are you going?

Jell-o 1-2-3 was one of many Jell-o products to be released in the 70's, and it actually was quite successful for Kraft. It came in 3 flavors that I know of: Orange, Strawberry and Mixed Berry. The whole idea was that you could make this awesome 3 layered Jell-o that would knock the socks off your easily impressed dinner guests.
Especially Cindy. That girl was dense.

The 3 layers set in different colors and different textures, one like Jell-o, one like a pudding, and one a soft foam/mousse like texture.  I sort of remember eating this in the 80's, but I always just thought my mom was very talented at making jell-o. Now looking back, I guess without that skill she was a disappointment after all. (I kid, mom, I kid. I'm sure there was something else you were good at. When I think of it, I'll let you know.)

I'm not sure why this product was discontinued in the late 90's after such a long, successful run. But if I had to guess, it was probably because they were developing Jell-o 1-2-3-4,  which they were over confident and cocky about. They were sure it was going to be the next big thing. But guess what? Riots broke out. Stores were looted. Fires were set. The world wasn't ready for a 4 layered desert.
Or maybe that never happened. The 90's were sort of a blur to me.

Anyway, there are petitions online for Kraft to bring this back, and there are recipes online showing you how you can make your own Jell-o 1-2-3.

But it's just not the same.

We miss you, Jell-o 1-2-3.
And we miss you too, Doug Henning.


  1. This is amazing!, how did I miss it as a child?

  2. http://www.shoprite.com/pd/Dr-Oetker/Trio-Treat-Layered-Gelatin-Mix-Orange/2-10-oz/058336016110/
    This product was discontinued at a store I worked in a few years back (2004-2009, I don't recall exactly when), and the Dr. Oetker websites for North America are both down. It was available in at least four flavors: orange, strawberry, grape and lime.

  3. I remember this product well. LOVED it as a kid. Sounds terrible now!

  4. this was good stuff. wish they would bring it back because i would be first in line to buy it!!!

  5. Vermont Country Store tried to bring it back a few years ago. I guess I was the only one who bought it, because they were asking a lot for it. I wish I had bought more of them now. Loved that stuff.

  6. Indeed, I remember this -- it was quite a treat when we had it, and that wasn't very often. (I think that my mom may have felt that it was more expensive and troublesome than other gelatin products, and one had to have a proper size receptacle in which to make it.)

  7. I loved it too - and yes, it was more expensive than the 'regular' Jello. It's one of the few products I'd buy again.

  8. i remember this stuff- in fact, when i stumbled on your site today, i was all set to suggest you look for this and then, there it was! dessert on a week night for my brother, sister, and i in the 60's and 70's was a treat indeed, and jell 1-2-3 was like hitting the jackpot! we still talk about it! our theory on why it was discontinued was the growing interest in eating healthy- check those ingredients, literally every single one is a chemical! we're lucky to be alive!

  9. Loved it! Great childhood memories! Hope they bring it back:)

  10. I miss 1 2 3 jello I loved it bring back, I also miss boston cream pie dessert in a box, Keebler frosted oatmeal raisin bars, PDQ egg nog, strawberry,chocolate drink mix, thank brand chocolate canned pudding, Milkshake candy bars, Swanson German style beef tv dinner, la choy frozen mini egg rolls, cheese doodles, Pepperidge farms chilli cornbread pot pie,

  11. I remember it being by a Scandinavian company. I think it was junket. I do remember the 3 distinct layers, bottom clear, middle creamy, and top foamy.

  12. Yes, I remember Jello-1-2-3, but honestly, I wasn't a big fan of it. It was OK, I wouldn't complain if it was given to me, but I never asked for it. What I didn't like, I think, was the foamy top. I would have preferred just a plain old bowl of Jello with maybe a little whipped cream on top. I have never missed Jello-1-2-3. I will tell you what I DO MISS though... SPOON CANDY! That was an awesome dessert. If you never had SPOON CANDY, you missed out!

  13. I loved this dessert! So sad that they discontinued it!