Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From the Snack Aisle: O'Boises Potato Chip

O'Boises Potato Chips
Company: Keebler
Years: Mid-Late 80's

They had a good thing going and they let it slip through their fingers. Probably because they have little fingers. It's hard to hold onto a bag of delicious chips (I know... they aren't chips) with such small fingers.

 O'Boises were one of those snacks that you wanted to call "A chip", though they swore up and down that they aren't a chip. (those elves swear a lot too, guys......usually complaining about the tiny fingers...). They were a baked chip like shape that had small air pockets all over, giving them a very distinct crunch. Very salty....very delicious.

I keep wanting to compare them to Tato Skins, but I don't think that would be fair. But I'm not sure what else to compare them to, so I will. Are you picturing Tato Skins? Good. They look kinda like that. But not really.
They came in 3 flavors: Regular, Sour Cream and Onion, and BBQ. And each one was delicious. I was always a fan of the Sour Cream and Onion.
And then one day - *poof* - they're gone.

Nobody really knows where O'Boises disappeared to, but my running theory is that one of the elves fell into the machine that peeled the potatoes for O'Boises Chips (I know they're not chips) and as part of the lawsuit settlement the machine had to be removed from the factory/tree and as a result it just took too long to peel all the potatoes by hand, and they decided to shelf the product and focus on other areas (namely cookies).

Or maybe they were discontinued because of poor sales. That might be why, too. I'll check with the elves.


  1. Man, I loved O'Boises. They were O'Boisterous! The air pockets created these little creases where the flavoring would collect. They were crunchy but also crispy. I remember taking a road trip with my family through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the unopened bags of O'Boises in the car puffed up because of the change in altitude. The bags themselves were like the air pockets of the chips. Amazing.

  2. They were freakin awesome! Why do they have to discontinue the stuff people really like? They did the same crap with Magic Middles. Another great and wonderful product vanished.

  3. Oh yeah! Magic Middles. I'd forgotten those amongst all the other foods I loved from the 70's and 80's. O'Boisies were delicious as was another Keebler product: Krunch Twists (later called Cheeblers) that also died an untimely death :(

    1. Oh yeah! I remember Cheeblers! I'll have to add that to the store one of these times. Thanks!

  4. I jsut read that O'Boisies are back! Not made by Keebler, but the recipe had been sold and traded hands a few times, but they are either back already or are hitting shelves soon!

  5. My husband and I were just trying to remember the name of Jesse other day . I would love to know if they're really coming back !

  6. I just Google it. I don't think any chip touches them wish I had the money to buy the recipe!!

  7. I just Google it. I don't think any chip touches them wish I had the money to buy the recipe!!

  8. Love LOVE love those chips often have a taste for them I really hope they come back#

  9. I LOVED these! And Pizzarias by Keebler!! Wish they both would come back!!

  10. These were awesome. As were Krunch Twists, Magic Middles, and Pizzarias. These companies are losing out on nostalgia money they could be making off of us by re introducing these products. Even for 6 months, they would still make money.

  11. My favorite "chip" as a kid. I used to open the bag, take one out, lick it, put it back in the bag and then shake the bag so no one else would eat any! Bring them back!

  12. When I was a kid I remember getting these all the time when we lived in Indiana but then I never saw them when we moved to NC so I have been thinking all these years it was something only sold in or near Indiana and that I had moved away from them... finding out they were discontinued sucks...