Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From the Candy Aisle: Wacky Wafers

Product: Wacky Wafers
Company: Willy Wonka
Years: 80s - 90's
Image by Dan Goodsell

Sometimes candy goes away and you never even know it. Case in point, Wacky Wafers. I'm guessing most people don't even realize they haven't been made in quite some time.

Wacky Wafers were made by the Willy Wonka Candy Company until Nestle took it over back in 1988, then they eventually pulled the plug sometime in the late 90's. The ones I remember the most are the larger ones (the Originals and best, as far as I'm concerned), about the side of a half dollar, that came in a row. They also came in various other sizes over the years, including smaller disks about the side of Bottle Caps or Sweet Tarts that came in single packs and on a roll, similar to today's Sweet Tarts.
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Flavors included Banana, Green Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange, with a few variations over the years including Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Grape.

I don't have a lot of info in this candy, as it simply one day disappeared, quietly in the dark of the night. Like a jilted lover, or a Possum.

But there is still hope that we may one day get to taste these sweet treats again. In early 2012, Leaf Brands LLC acquired the trademark for Wacky Wafers, and rumors have been floating around that they will be reviving this long lost candy very soon.

 To which I can only say "Man, that would be awesome."  So I will.

Man, that WOULD be awesome......


  1. I recall eating something like these back int he later 80's, sour flavored I believe.

    It might have been another brand that just looked like them.

  2. Would love to have these once again!! Where oh where could I find these?!!

  3. I loved these. I remember getting them for trick or treat candy.

  4. I wish they would make them again!!!

  5. Ode buy a few packs of wacky waffers a few pieces of 5cent Apple super bubble an Astro pop and if I craved chocolate it was the good ole footlong marathon bar. And those my friend were definately "the good ole days"

  6. I remember getting these at Six Flags for a treat. Nestlé ruins everything.

  7. What you had were different, wacky wafers were not sour unless the apple flavored one would of been the only one close to sour otherwise was like a picky stick powder compressed into the shape and size of a half dollar

  8. Everyone should call the leaf candy company based in California I believe they bought the trademark to the candy and was supposed to start reproducing it in the third 1:45 thousand and 15 but I've yet to seen it

  9. Really they were just Bottle Caps in disguise.

  10. So true...the original big half-dollar sized ones ..oh my. I have thought about those many times over all the years lol... particularly the banana flavored ones