Wednesday, April 23, 2014

From the Snack Aisle: Chester's Cheese Doritos

Product: Chester's Cheese Doritos
Company: Frito Lay (Pepsico)
Years: 1995

At some point in our lives we all need to make hard decisions. Go to college or travel the world. Buy a SUV or buy a minivan. Eat that meatball you found under the couch or not eat that meatball you found under the couch. We make them every day. But the good people at Frito Lay (and I am not saying that to get free samples, Frito Lay......though you do have beautiful eyes. You know that, right? (That is for the free samples)) took it upon themselves back in 1995 to say "Why Choose, bitches? You want Doritos, but at the same time, you also want some delicious cheesy Cheetos. You are high as a goddamn kite, and we're not one to judge you, so lets take the choice out of the equation....and make......CHEETO FLAVORED DORITOS! BOOM!"

Well, as great of an idea as it was, I have to say I certainly don't remember them. And I was in college at that time, so I was, well, lets just say I was their target demographic. (There's a time and a place for everything kids, and that time and place is called College). After scouring the interwebs trying to find a picture of the package, all I could find is this article about them testing this product. Most everyone who tried them loved them, though some said they were too cheesy. And then there is Bill (the single guy). His objection to this product? "Just who is this Chester Cheese guy? Is he really that famous? Why couldn't they just call these cheese flavored Doritos? And what does a cheetah have to do with cheese or tortilla chips?

Well Bill, the reason you are still single is because you ask too many questions.
And Chester Cheese Doritos, the reason you are still not available in stores is because people like to make hard decisions. You either want a Coke or you want a 7up, you don't want a Coke flavored 7up.
And the same goes with your chips.

Oh, and because they are (according to the taste test) way too cheesy, but in a good way?

I kind of wish these were still around, if for no other reason to see what other kinds of mutated Island of Doctor Moreau style chip inventions they would come up with. 
Funyun flavored Fritos?
Dorito flavored Pretzels?
The world will never know.


  1. Two tortilla posts in one month?

    Not bad, not bad at all.

    1. It's Spring. I'm coming out of hibernation and I just want to snack, I guess.

  2. Very interesting! I don't remember those.

  3. I wish I had some rightright now I remember them

  4. My husband loved these!! We were talking at the dinner table and this subject came up. So I we googled Chester cheese Doritos. And this blog popped up. Very interesting. And he wants them back!! And I want to try them!!

  5. The best cheese tortilla chip by far....

  6. I want this back SOOOOO bad!

  7. I remember these ans they were AMAZING!!! But no one believes me when i tell them it existed...

    I think it's one of those Mandela Effect phenomenons goin on...

  8. My kids and loved them I just don't know why they teased us with them and then stop them just like that

  9. My kids and loved them I just don't know why they teased us with them and then stop them just like that