Thursday, October 9, 2014

From the Snack Aisle: Nabisco Flings

Product: Flings
Company: Nabisco
Years: Late 1960's - 1980's (?)

1960s NABISCO Crackers FLINGS Advertisement Vintage Graphics

Dear Nabisco,

Stop trying so hard. We get it already. You can turn anything, no matter what the flavor, into a delicious chip, snack, or cracker. Here at Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries, we stumble across something new (old/new) from you almost every day, and honestly, I've almost stopped keeping track. You are good at what you do, Nabisco, so why spread yourself so thin? Pick a core group of products and make those products the best damn products we have ever seen....and maybe, just maybe, you are already starting to do that. But in the 60s, 70s and 80s.......well, lets say you were snack aisle whores. You put it all out there year after year, every flavor.....every shape. "Don't like Curls? We have Sticks? Don't like Sticks, we have cones? Don't like cones? We have a goddamn chip shaped like a platypus. "Well that's random", you say? Goddamn right it is, because we're Nabisco, and we can make these chips/snacks and crackers into any M%#$@R F^&%ING shape we want? Got it......GOT IT???"
"Oh, and you can get that Platypus shaped cracker in 5 flavors, Cheese, Ranch, Papaya, Dandelion, and New Car Smell. "But New Car Smell isn't a Flavor" you say.....look, do you want me to lose my shit? Because Nabisco can lose it's shit REAL easy, and one day, when you wake up, all these shape and flavors will be gone.....and all you'll have left are Triscuits, Wheat Thins, and Chicken in a Biscuit. So don't push it, pal."

I'm almost certain Nabisco would say something like that if confronted. Maybe.

Nabisco Flings
Box picture from Dan Goodsell

Flings were a chip that looked similar to today's Cheese puffs, and came in 3 flavors: Chicken, Cheese, and Ham and Swiss. These were mostly around in the late 60's/early 70's, but I did stumble upon a newspaper ad from 1984, where it appears Nabisco tried to bring back Flings, this time in a bag instead of a box.

Like the other hundreds (possibly millions, or possibly less) of Nabisco Products that have appeared on store shelves over the last 50 years, I'm going to guess that very few of you readers out there remember these. I don't. Which is pretty cool when you add it onto the vast sea of groceries that have filled up store shelves over the years...these could have been someones favorite snack to curl up with on a Saturday night. People have a weird nostalgia towards food, especially discontinued food (which is why I started this blog), so it's neat to find stuff like this that might bring someone a smile.


  1. To be fair, Nabisco did do well when they did crackers and related stuff.

    I don't remember these, but the chicken one does seem tasty.

  2. The cheese Flings were so yummy. They were thinner than the cheese curls of today and much greasier. I love grease. I have a hard time today finding a snack that concentrates on grease rather than salt. Everything is so much saltier today.

  3. Do you remember the Nabisco Chipsters?

  4. Flings were the absolute best cheese twist and k ever made!!!

  5. Flings were the absolute best cheese twist and k ever made!!!

  6. I wish they would bring the Cheese Flings back! They were 100 times better than the cheese puffs out there today! They also made a yummy onion flavored flings. My Mom was not a favorite of junk food but she loved Flings!

  7. Bring them back! Swiss and ham were the best ever!

  8. I would grind up Chicken Flings and snort them if I could. They were my drug of choice during my formative years. It's probably for the best they're gone because they were probably horrible from a health standpoint and about as far removed from real food as is corporately possible, but God help me I loved them so.

  9. Flings were the best. I worked as a meat cutter when I was young. Every Saturday night I would bring home a thick porterhouse steak and a box of Flings. I would sit in front of the TV and pig out. Bring them back, PLEASE...

  10. As a kid my grandma got this for me i loved them

  11. Please bring them back and I mean the original recipe we loved flings we still talk about them. Please bring them back especially the cheesy ones thanks .