Tuesday, December 30, 2014

From the Frozen Food Aisle: Birdseye Cool 'N Creamy Pudding

Product: Cool N' Creamy Pudding
Company: Birdseye
Years - Late 60s - early 70s

Recently I received an email from a reader/fan/ downright awesome person named Amy Bernstein-Feldman. She was inquiring about a product that she knew she remembered, but couldn't recall exactly what it was. It was a Cool Whip like Pudding from the 70's, but Amy couldn't figure out exactly what it was she was remembering.

So using my magical extinct grocery powers, I started to do some digging. And some more digging. And some more digging. I broke 3 shovels, threw out my back, and possibly uncovered an old indian burial ground, so there is a good chance I'm now cursed. But at last, I hit gold, and came across this product: Birdseye Cool 'n Creamy Pudding. It was a frozen pudding that came in a container very similar to what Cool Whip comes in today. You would thaw the pudding out, and it would be a rich, smooth consistency that was very different then other brand pudding that you could get in the store, and would last in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

It came in 3 flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Butterscotch.

So it turns out that Amy wasn't crazy after all. The product did exist.

And the best part? The awesome 60's Commercials:


  1. Thank you so much for this post, Jason! If you eat some pudding, maybe your back will feel better. :)

    1. Pudding.....I just might try that.
      Or whiskey.
      Yeah, probably whiskey.

  2. Didn't Jello make something like this

  3. If they did, it was a Jello branded spin off of this, as Bird's Eye was bought by Kraft (Who owns The Cool Whip/Jello Brand).

  4. I loved this product! They need to bring it back. This was the best pudding ever, and tasted homemade.

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  6. Nothing was better for the post-'bud' munchies in the early 70's than a tub of dark chocolate Cool 'n Creamy! This really brings back old memories, or what's left of them.

  7. I loved this pudding! Chocolate in the brown tub, vanilla in the blue tub, and butterscotch in the tan tub! My favorite was chocolate. I hadn't found pudding that good until Kozy Shack. :)

  8. I'm convinced this stuff was made with crack - absolutely addictive - I'm with Stharphoenix11 - Bring it BACK!

  9. Butterscotch was my weakness,loved it after a few joints
    Refreshing and selfish never lasted two
    Weeks in our house

  10. I was trying to describe this stuff to my 30 y/o daughter. One thing I recall--if you ate some right out of the tub (some people actually did this), the enzymes in your saliva would turn the rest of the pudding to gruel over night. Therefore it was imperative to finish the whole tub in one sitting.

  11. I grew up going to grandma's house having this love it wish it would come back

  12. My goodness my grandma LC used to give me this when I come over on Saturday mornings what a treat it was

  13. I was little when this was popular. I use to dip my finger in the tub in the fridge and my mom would always find tiny finger marks in the pudding. Loved it!!