Tuesday, March 3, 2015

From the Beverage Aisle: Sipity Doo Da

Product: Sipity Doo Da
Company - Blue Plate Foods
Years - 1974 - ???

I was contacted recently by someone asking if I would check out a forgotten product called Sipity Doo Da, a product that I wasn't familiar with at all. So I scoured the internet and tried to see what I could find out about this product. Sadly, it wasn't much. It seems that 40 years has reduced this product to nothing more then memories for most people. There isn't really a history at all attached to it. One commercial, a brief mention here and there, and that's it. But this is what I know:

Sipity Doo Da was basically the Grandfather to today's Capri Sun drink pouches. It came in 3 flavors, Grape, Cherry, and Orange. What set this product apart from what we know today is that you would actually puncture the pouch with the straw in the side of the package, like this:

It was made by a company called Blue Plate Foods in the early 70's (Blue Plate was owned by Hunt-Wesson Foods), and was Trademarked in 1974. Trademark expired in 1989 as it wasn't renewed. So you could buy it! Though, it would be a terrible name for a band. Unless that band drinks large amounts of beer on stage and covers only Disney songs. Then it would be brilliant! (not really).

So yeah, that's about all I could find out. I contacted Blue Plate/Hunt-Wesson but they had no info on the long forgotten product they could give me. So I guess it's up to me, and the memories of all of you out there who enjoyed this drink in the 70's, to keep it alive.

Here's the commercial! (A talking box??!!??! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!)


  1. Maybe it failed because without the extra "p" to make it "Sippity", people's eyes glanced over the "i" and read "Spity" and thought it was something made of spit? I know that's what I did.

  2. You know what, that same thought had crossed my mind too, as it just seemed like an odd spelling to me, and didn't look quite right. In fact, I kept spelling it wrong (with 2 p's, which should be the correct way) while I was writing this. Lets build a time machine, go back to 1973, and warn them! Or better yet, lets build a time machine and go back and do some sports gambling. (Wait, have I not learned anything from the Back to the Future?)

  3. Boku fruit juice, a bizarre attempt to market juice boxes to adults.

    1. Uh what dose Boku have to do with anything its not even mention in this article

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  5. It looks like a mess ready to happen.

  6. They still make these. But they have no brand name. They serve them in schools and jails....orange n apple those were the choices.

  7. I remember when these came out. My parents never bought such "nonsense" things, but I had a friend whose mother bought him every new thing that came out. He had Pringles and Bugles too! He always made fun of my paltry bologna sandwich and off-brand potato chips. Oh well, he went to jail in later life, SO WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!

  8. Thank you for confirming that I am not clinically insane. I knew I had tried these nasty things back when I was a wee thing, but found zero evidence to prove it... until now!

  9. We loved them, bought them at our base commissary. Seemed like only in the summer. During school we had our thermos' so we didnt have them with our lunches.