Monday, April 27, 2015

From the Beverage Aisle: Aspen Soda

Product: Aspen Soda
Company: PepsiCo
Years: 1978-1982

Alert Reader Alert! (Wait, huh?) Loyal reader and all around standup guy, Mike Henry, recently sent me an email about a product we currently don't have in stock. That product was one that I hadn't heard of, which in a way, made me feel kind of sad. I like to think I know everything, based solely on my own observations of myself and what my mom tells me, and with two simple words, Mike brought me crashing down to earth.

Those 2 words were: Aspen Soda.

Wait, Whats this now? What in tarnation is Aspen soda? Are you making it up???


Mild depression set in for a few days upon realization that I don't know everything. I spent an entire week on the internets, learning about all the things that I didn't know, including but not limited too: Wombats (real), trigonometry (was pretty sure the teacher was making it up as he went along), and now, Aspen Soda.

Aspen soda was an "Crisp and clear" apple flavored soda created by PepsiCo in the late 70's. It was meant to compete with all the lemon lime sodas on the market, which there were many of. For some reason, though, there wasn't an apple flavored soda, and PepsiCo stuck a bunch of money trying to fill this void.

Turns out the reason was that apple soda really wasn't that good. I mean, it wasn't BAD, or just isn't something people really want a whole lot of. In the early 80's, Pepsi decided to rebrand this soda as Slice (another failed soda, for the same reason).

Then, Apple soda went away all together, like the wombats did.

(Correction, wombats are still around.)

Here's the Aspen commercial.

I can't believe this is a real thing. I die a little inside every time I watch this.


  1. Have you not heard of PepsiCo's Manzanita Sol? It's in Taco Bell restaurants, is super-popular in Mexico, and can be found in most places where there's a significant Hispanic population.

  2. I remember drinking apple Slice, came in a gold can I believe?
    But I don't remember ever coming across Aspen.

  3. I actually LOVED Aspen soda and only found your site after Googling the nets for it.

  4. I actually LOVED Aspen soda and only found your site after Googling the nets for it.

    1. Me too. I typed what happened to it

  5. I remember this tasting just like carbonated apple juice...

  6. Try Materva for an alternate. It's a Cuban soda Yerba Mate Soda. Very delicious with the apple flavor. Takes me back to being a kid drinking Aspen.

    1. Do they have it at all stores? Or should I say what store sell that?

  7. Oh my goodness I've been talking about this soda at least once or twice a year since they stopped selling it..IT WAS DELICIOUS. My whole family loved it and everyone from all steps of life I introduced it too loved it...OH PLEASE TRY IT AGAIN......

  8. For all who have liked Aspen (and later Apple Slice) or for those who want to know how it tastes, they can try the Apple flavored IZZE:

    Founded in 2002 IZZE has been a fully-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo since 2006 (who have never changed the ingredients):

    Interestingly, IZZE is HQed in Boulder, CO (a "few" miles from Aspen, CO):

  9. This was my favorite soda when I was a kid I remember running to the store to buy a bottle whenever I got allowance. Never knew why I clichy find it anymore

  10. Aspen was the best! Like a fresh apple with a little salt. and very caffeinated! When I saw it disappearing from grocery shelves I called Pepsi to ask about it and was told by a snappy service rep that I was the only one buying it. I knew lots of folks that loved it.

  11. The funny thing is, this delicious soda had a GREEN apple taste- slightly tart. There's a red apple on the can, and the commercial had a slice of red apple on the glass, so that's a bit weird.
    They also made (very briefly) a diet version called Aspen Light. I loved them both as a tween in the late 70s.
    The only thing I've found that comes close (the Mexican apple sodas are red apple tasting) is the flavored carbonated water from Wal-Mart, with a big Green apple right on the label. Awesome!
    And I think I have the only Aspen soda can left in existence.

  12. My uncle had a job delivering samples of Aspen door to door in the Vancouver area. He was lousy at his job so a lot of it was left at our house. I loved it. I was just a kid but I remember it clearly