Monday, October 12, 2015

From the Frozen Foods Aisle: 3-D Monster Pops

Product: 3D Monster Pops
Company: Good Humor
Years: It's a mystery.....

Image not my own - if this is yours let me know so I can give you credit!

So here's a strange little treat that I honestly had never heard of, but there has been a small buzz around the internet (as it seems many people DO remember these). Problem is, nobody really knows much about them. Contacting Good Humor resulted in the usual "We don't keep track of our stuff" response, and online other then fuzzy memories and the box art there isn't much to go on.

These were orange, cherry and grape popsicles shaped like your favorite monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and other devilish creatures. A Mummy perhaps? A Skeleton? We just don't really know.

I do think these are totally rad, though (totally) - and knew they had to be on the shelves here. But as far as more info, that's where you loyal shoppers come in. If you know anything about these (fuzzy memories and all), let me know! Like what part of the country (or world) did you eat these in? What years did you remember them from? How were they? Did they give you nightmares? Cavities? I need your help!

Comment below if you remember these and want them back in stores!

And don't confuse these with Welch's Monster Freez'ems - another 70's/80's product I will be adding to the shelves here.


  1. I grew up in Memphis, and I remember eating these as a kid in the mid 80's.
    Hadn't thought of these in years, but seeing that box triggered memories of simpler times.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I just thought of these for the first time in years, so your post was really well-timed. These were my favorites when I was growing up in southern West Virginia. I was a big vampire fan, so every time I opened up a popsicle I was hoping for Dracula, and was bitterly disappointed if I wound up with Frankenstein. (but I'm sure he was delicious too.) I know I ate them a lot, but I must have been pretty young, because I can't really even remember how they tasted, and that witch-doctor guy only seems vaguely familiar...

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  5. The problem with these pops as I remember was if you licked the mummy one too much, he became a phallic symbol...

  6. I grew up in Louisiana and remember eating and LOVING these, unfortunately I only real having them twice between 1983-1985.After that I always asked and looked for them to no avail. I specifically remember a skeletonmy favorite!), Dracula, Frankenstein, and a mummy. Been searching for images for ages! Thanks for posting..awesome memories of a much simpler time.

  7. I had these all the time when I was little. I remember them well but my sister, who is only 18 months my senior, does not. I could have SWORN there were yellow ones, since banana has always been my favorite. I probably have it confused with the orange one tho. Born and raised in Houston, TX and I ate these in the mid 90's, probably '96 or '97.

    Good fuckin times, man.

    1. Nah, there were no yellow Monster Pops.
      I didn't realize they were still making these in the late 90's, I remember eating them in the mid to late 80's.

  8. These Popsicles were awesome in the 80s. We bought them at Kroger. We always got in trouble by parents for eating too many in one day. Our freezer was always packed with them. They tasted great and it was always fun getting different characters to grobble down

  9. My favorite popsicle. Had these in the mid to late 80's in SW Ohio. They definitely had a skeleton, but I am not sure about a mummy. Jeez I wish these would make a comeback. Popsicles now a days are just plain looking. These are creative and awesome!