Tuesday, February 14, 2017

From the Frozen Food Aisle: Toasta Pizzas

Product: Toasta Frozen Pizza
Company: Toasta Food Company
Years: 1971-?

So here's a product that I can't find much about, at all. I found this add while browsing some old newspapers. It seems that in the early to mid 70's there was a boom for at home personal pizza or some variation of them. There were Nabisco Poppins, Kellogg's had their Presto Pizzas, Buitoni had their Toasterinos, but here is one that I can only assume was a company (unsuccessfully) jumping on the bandwagon (though seeing that these were from the early 70's and the others came a little later, maybe this product was just ahead of it's time instead.)

Like I said, I don't know much about this product, except that TV Host and actor Art Linkletter was signed on as a celebrity sponsor of them, and even stared in a TV commercial for them (which I could not locate.....yet......)

Anyone remember these?


  1. I think part of the problem with some brands, at least, was that as the fats from the cheese and toppings liquified, it could drip down onto the heating coils and cause small fires. That, plus the arrival of the microwave as a superior pizza-heating option, relegated them to history.

  2. I loved those Buitoni toaster pizzas. they discontinued them years ago but I've wrote them a few times begging them to bring them back.

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  4. I remember the commercial - it had a goofy jingle, but I haven't see it surface on youtube. It had a strange artificial taste - but I ate them. The sausage flavor was the best.

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  6. I ***DO*** remember these...the instructions said you had to stick with the light setting of the toaster, watch the food, and not overcook. As a result, they were always rather cold. I agree with Diva KGB that the sausage were the best.