Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From the Candy Aisle: PB Max

PB Max
Company: Mars
Year: 1989/90

I have to admit, I completely forgot about PB Max. Maybe because it wasn't around for very long. But once the words "PB Max" were uploaded to my brain again it all came back. The delicious taste of creamy peanut butter and oats on a square whole grain cookie, then the whole thing dipped in chocolate.....the annoying commercials reminding me that PB didn't stand for "Piggy Banks, or "Polka Band", or "Pink Baboon", or even "Portly Ballerina". It all came back. Oh how I miss you, Max. Is it ok if I call you Max? No? My apologies.

So why did the PB Max Go away? Rumor has it (According to former Mars executive Alfred Poe), that PB Max was discontinued due to the Mars family's distaste for peanut butter, even though in it's short run the candy bar racked up $50 million in sales.
Now there is one serious dislike for peanut butter. Maybe Peanut allergies ran in the family and they were just watching out for their own.
Or maybe they just wanted me to be standing in the candy aisle one day in the mid 90's, utterly confused, looking like a fool, trying to figure out what the hell happened to my beloved PM Max.
Or maybe it was neither of those things.
Yeah, probably not.


  1. I too seriously LOVED PB Max!! How I miss that candy bar. I can't believe another candy bar company hasn't stolen this recipe and ran with it. Hell, maybe I'll start selling it. $50 Million in sales? I'm down with that!

  2. It's true. The Mars boys were raised in England where peanut butter is despised and it rubbed off them. That English upbringing is conversely the reason why the Mars company has for years tried to shove hazelnut concoctions on the public even though Americans generally hate hazelnut.

  3. Best candy bar EVER! This stuff was so rich and decadent...just like Reese's but even more substantial. Even had a cat named "PB Max" after the delish candy bahh.

  4. I think its demise had to do with the fact that it initially was promoted with two bars per package and then later reduced down to one bar per package for pretty much the same price as you were paying for the two bar package. Fifth avenue did the same thing but somehow managed to last, though now not nearly as popular. When people get used to paying a certain price for something, even though it is a promotional item, and then are asked to pay the same price for half as much, they begin to look for other products.

  5. Have to say I compleatly forgot about PB Max until watching Disney Channel cartoon PJ Masks. It jogged my memory to Google it, and found this cool website.

  6. These were awesome. Who doesn't like peanut butter?

  7. ******ATTENTION******* FELLOW PB MAX FANS: The good people at Iconic Candy: https://www.facebook.com/IconicCandy are going to RETURN the PB Max Bar exactly as it was but they need your help. Here are some of their questions: 1. Describe the whole grain cookie as best you are able, How thick was the cookie? 2. What was on top of the peanut butter before the chocolate, was it pieces of the cookie, oats from the cookie or peanuts? 3. Dimensions of the bar, was it actually square. 4. Does anyone have an original wrapper (we can measure the inside). 5. Any descriptive information, requests or advice would be appreciated.

  8. Ok I'll give it a shot. It was sort of Twix-esque cookie, about as thick as the Twix was/is. I can't quite remember what was on top of the peanut butter, possibly oats from the cookie. It definitely wasn't peanuts. All I remember was the peanut butter was real and rich, not like the sugared out Reese's (which I also like), that was the kicker was that it was real (creamy) peanut butter. It was square, but that's not totally important to why it was so good. Someone here on the webs has found an actual wrapper: