Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Frozen Foods Dept.: I Hate Peas

"I Hate Peas"
Company: American Kitchen
Date: 70's

Photo Courtesy of Jason Liebig
American Kitchen - I Hate Peas - package box - 1970's

Rule #1 of trying to make foods "kid friendly": You can't combine something that kids don't like with something kids do like and think they won't notice. Kids are way to smart for that and won't put up with it. Riots have been started because of it. Nations have fallen. Products have failed. And this is a prime example.
American Kitchen came up with the idea to take something Kids love (French Fries) and combine them with something kids hate (in this case, peas). They mixed them both up and formed French Fry shaped sticks that I'm assuming tasted as bad as they looked.
Coming along with I Hate Peas for the great Fail Tour of the 70's was "I Hate Corn", "I Hate Broccoli", "I Hate Spinach", and "I Hate Carrots", which fittingly, were all hated by kids. These products only lasted a short time before they disappeared from stores, as kids decided they'd rather eat real peas and not be insulted by this trainwreck of a side dish.

Anyone remember eating these as a kid? Share your stories with us, because we want to know what the hell American Kitchen was thinking too.


  1. I just included an article in a weekly financial blogger roundup about 10 grocery items that flopped. The blogger missed this item, which I recall from my childhood. I found this site and gave it a mention in that roundup.

    (I linked, and gave credit for the image, fyi)

  2. Thank you for this site as it has brought back many memories. Who in our time would have thought to save a carton (container) or take a picture of the packaging of the foods we ate foods we ate. I have for years told people about the I hate peas fries as well as the other veggie infused French fry products I tried as a youth. All thought I was crazy or making the story up. I can now direct them to this blog site to see for themselves. Again thanks.

  3. I've never tried them, but for some sad reason, I remember the commercial and the jingle the kids sang! Talk about an ear worm!! "I hate arithmatic and abc's, I hate washing my elbows and my knees, I hate saying thank you and please, but more than anything, I HATE PEAS!!" I guess there's something to be said about good advertising!

  4. I could eat a TRUCK load of cafeteria "veggie sticks" right now....sort of the same principal I guess. LOL

  5. I have been called crazy by friends and family for years over this product.
    I knew they existed and they really sucked!

  6. I remember I Hate Peas, but not the other varieties. I was very young, but I think I actually liked them because they tasted more like French fries than peas. And to this day, I still hate peas!

  7. We had the I Hate Peas and I Hate Carrots. I ate them for a while, but when I actually noticed that the inside of the I Hate Peas "french fry" was actually GREEN, I wouldn't touch them anymore. Ironically, it wasn't too long before I started liking real peas ...

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