Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Beverage Aisle: Kool-Aid Pink Swimmingo

Kool-Aid Pink Swimmingo
Company: Kraft Foods
Year: Early 90's

Kool Aid Pink Swimmingo

Another one of the New Flavors/ New Mascots series of Kool aid from the early 90s. This is available today still (well, the flavor is's sold as Watermelon Cherry). But the Flamingo and the name are long gone.

(Note - I have read but not confirmed that it's still sold in some parts of the world as Pink Swimmingo - I can't confirm this. I do know Sharkleberry fin is still being sold in other countries, as I've seen a package, but I haven't seen a new package of Swimmingo.)


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  2. Thank you,
    This was my dad's favorite drink before he became obsessed with mountain dew ... he passed away just 7 months ago and I was so happy to find your post. I wanted to go buy a few packs and was wondering where to find it - I'll let you know... but at least there's still watermelon cherry! I try to stay away from the red-40 tho

  3. I still have a couple of packets of this flavour from the 1990's

  4. I was drinking this in Canada in 1987/88. It was my absolute favourite!