Monday, January 30, 2012

From the Candy Aisle: Forever Yours

"Forever Yours" Candy Bars
Company: Mars
Years - 1936-1979 (and beyond???)

I enjoy browsing old Newspapers in my spare time, especially the Sunday papers where all the advertising took place. I often run across little known products that I had never known existed, and sometimes, I discover they've been under my nose the entire time (often just with a name change, sometimes wearing those fakey looking plastic glasses with the attached nose and mustache for added anonymity).

Case in point: I ran across this ad in a mid 70's Milwaukee Journal:
Forever Yours candy bar Ad - 1976

"Huh?" I said out loud. "Forever Yours?" How did I miss this one?

Part of the reason, as it turns out, is that the Forever Yours bar was around for a long time (some 44 years), then disappeared from shelves when I was only 4, and at the time, my note taking skills were not quite up to par yet (as you can see).

Forever Yours was an early offshoot of the Milky Way bar. In 1926, Milky Way came in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.  In 1936, the chocolate and vanilla were separated, naming the vanilla "Forever Yours", and it lasted until 1979 and then was gone from shelves forever.

Or was it?

As it turns out, it was not. It reappeared in 1989 with some new clothes, a fresh coat of paint, and a legally notarized name change. It was now "Milky Way Dark". Years later, it was renamed again to "Milky Way Midnight" which is still available today.

So if you loved Forever Yours as a kid, just go and pick up a Milky Way Dark.

So should this candy bar really be here, since you can technically still get it? Well, yes, as Forever Yours, in name, is dead. It may live on with a different name....a different look.....a different hairstyle (I'm glad it didn't go with the perm), but it's not Forever Yours.
So it's being stocked here at GBNF Groceries.

(Here's the old pre-1950's version)


  1. Hey Jason, know how the Forever Yours candy bar got it's name??

  2. My dad fed his dog Forever Yours ever day, and when the dog died he had such a massive cancerous tumor that researchers from the Penn vet school called to ask about the dog's "lifestyle." Dad fessed up to the cigars, the brandy, the hanging out with bitches of questionable morality, but he never admitted to the Forever Yours.

  3. I recall being on vacation at Clearwater Beach, Fl. in 1987 and seeing commercials for Forever Yours Bars but they were only sold as ice cream treats.

  4. Just had a Milky Way Midnight and realized that it was an old Forever Yours. I never saw the "middle name" of Milky Way Dark so never tried it to realize that it was my old favorite masquerading as something new and improved!

    Why do they do this stuff----it's needless and frustrating!