Thursday, June 7, 2012

Forgotten, But Not Gone: Products we thought were long gone....but aren't.

Every once in a while I remember a product that I swear has been gone from the shelves for years, only to do a little research and find that it does still exist. And I can't bring myself to add it to the self of extinct groceries, even if the only place they still make it is in a remote village in Uganda. Its still out there. So here are a few products that you might think are gone, but aren't.

Slice Soda: I guess this is still carried by Walmart, even though I have never noticed it. But it's not the Lemon Lime soda we remember in the green can, it's fruit flavored (Orange, Grape, Strawberry and Peach). Also, Slice is sold in India, but it's Mango flavored and it's promoted by a Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif.

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!: Nothing screams 70's like a bottle of this strangely named Shampoo. I thought it was gone back in the 70's.......looks like you can still get it at The Vermont Country Store.
Stock up today before Disco makes it's triumphant return.

Kool-Aid Sharkleberry Fin: OK, I'm not even sure where this is still made, but I guess it is. Or at least it was as of recent and you can still find it online. The flavor has been tweaked, but it lives on in name.

Surge: Ok, this one is pretty much dead, but I found it interesting that "Urge", the Norwegian Soda that "Surge" was based on for the rest of the world, is still being produced in Norway. I know, it's a stretch, since the name "Surge" with their iconic cans is no longer around. But look at "Urge"'s pretty much the same thing, even in label design.

That's all for today, just a short list of some stuff that you guys can pick up for me next time you are traveling the globe and happen to be in Oslo or Bollywood.

Hook me up.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From the Misc. Products Aisle: Jello 1-2-3

Product: Jell-O 1-2-3
Company: Kraft Foods
Years: 1969 - 1996

Old General Foods Jell-O 1-2-3 Gelatin Mixed Berry Box
Image by Gregg Koenig

Quick, name the first 3 things that come to your mind when I say the word "MAGIC".

"White Tigers":  OK, not really Magic, but I guess I'll give you...

"Doug Henning's Fantastic Magical Hair": Hmm....I guess it's magic related, but his hair? Really? That's what you remember the most....

"Jell-o 1-2-3": Ha ha ha.....I'm glad you're having fun dicking me around, jerk.

But guess what? The Jokes on you. Because I was going to talk about Jell-o 1-2-3 anyway. Hey wait, where are you going?

Jell-o 1-2-3 was one of many Jell-o products to be released in the 70's, and it actually was quite successful for Kraft. It came in 3 flavors that I know of: Orange, Strawberry and Mixed Berry. The whole idea was that you could make this awesome 3 layered Jell-o that would knock the socks off your easily impressed dinner guests.
Especially Cindy. That girl was dense.

The 3 layers set in different colors and different textures, one like Jell-o, one like a pudding, and one a soft foam/mousse like texture.  I sort of remember eating this in the 80's, but I always just thought my mom was very talented at making jell-o. Now looking back, I guess without that skill she was a disappointment after all. (I kid, mom, I kid. I'm sure there was something else you were good at. When I think of it, I'll let you know.)

I'm not sure why this product was discontinued in the late 90's after such a long, successful run. But if I had to guess, it was probably because they were developing Jell-o 1-2-3-4,  which they were over confident and cocky about. They were sure it was going to be the next big thing. But guess what? Riots broke out. Stores were looted. Fires were set. The world wasn't ready for a 4 layered desert.
Or maybe that never happened. The 90's were sort of a blur to me.

Anyway, there are petitions online for Kraft to bring this back, and there are recipes online showing you how you can make your own Jell-o 1-2-3.

But it's just not the same.

We miss you, Jell-o 1-2-3.
And we miss you too, Doug Henning.

Friday, June 1, 2012

From the Candy Aisle: GORP (Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts)

Product: GORP
Company: David & Sons / Nabisco
Years: Early 70's-early 80's (?)

Just a quick post today. I wanted to make sure I added this unique treat to the shelves before I forgot. I have never heard of this product before until I read about it on the super awesome blog by Jason Liebig called "Collecting Candy".

You should check it out. Go now! (Or hang out here for a bit. But then check it out immediately after.)

David & Sons - GORP Good Old Raisins & Peanuts - candy bar wrapper - 1980
Image by Jason Liebig/Collecting

Anyway, here it is, Gorp. By Nabisco or David & Sons, depending on what year you are talking about, and who you ask, but since nobody seems to remember this, there aren't many people to ask. Except for Jason Liebig. And he's already told me everything he knows I think. (haven't you checked out his blog yet?)

Anyway, I'm looking for first hand memories of people eating/consuming/purchasing this product.

We need to keep these forgotten treats memory alive. GORP/GORP Plus........We will never forgot!

(Is it possible to forget something if you don't remember it in the first place? Hmmm.)

Anyway, GORP. Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts.

It did exist.