Friday, March 1, 2013

From the Candy Aisle: Marathon Bar

Product: Marathon Bar
Company: Mars Inc.
Years: 1973-1981

Marathon bar wrapper - M&M Mars - 1973-1974
Image by Jason Liebig

Talk to Jason Liebig.
Visit his outstanding blog called Specifically, his post about Marathon Bars. I mean, the man lives, sleeps, and breathes Marathon Bars. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in his life, he owned a pet named "Marathon". A miniature pony perhaps? Not really sure. But he's got the entire low down on the candy bar everyone loved and now longs for.

Me? I've never even eaten one. Well, I guess I can't say I've never eaten one. I was around at the same time they were, for a few years anyway, so I guess my parents could have given me one in those years before I start forming meaningful memories. It's totally possible. So I guess I should really say "I've never eaten a Marathon Bar" in the same way I'd say "I've never eaten a spider" (FACT: people do sometimes sleep with their mouths open). Hey, Things happen in our lives sometimes that we for whatever reason just don't remember. I mean, I must have had a run in with a Marathon Bar at some point.....right?  They sure do sound like they were popular from what people tell me.

It was an 8 inch braided caramel inside, covered in chocolate, with the iconic red wrapper. On the wrapper? A ruler, so you knew without a shadow of a doubt you were getting what was advertised. Genius. I wish other companies that supply food based on length did that same thing. Subway, I'm looking in your direction.
Marathon bar front
image by 197?now

An interesting note about Marathon's TV commercials: they featured John Wayne's son Patrick as Marathon John who would regularly confront villain Quick Claude.

So that's all I got on the Marathon Bar. It was a candy bar that I certainly needed to add to the shelves here at Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries, even if I've never had one that I can remember. But I wish I had. They look delicious. There is a similar bar in the UK called the Curly Wurly. I'll have to contact my UK friends* and see if they can hook me up.

*(Note to self - make some UK friends).

Until then, I'll have to keep eating the same old boring candy bars I've been eating for the last 30+ years. And possibly a few spiders.**

**(Second Note to self - keep your yap shut while sleeping).

Marathon Fun Size Ad- 1977