Friday, September 25, 2015

From the Cereal Aisle: Circus Fun

Product: Circus Fun Cereal
Company: General Mills
Years: 1986-?

- noun -
An abnormal fear of clowns.

There have been several cereals over the years who had clowns for mascots. Kaboom...Sugar Krinkles...Sugar Smacks....and each one ended the same way.


OK, I'm making that up. Most just ended up giving people a delicious breakfast.
And I guess Circus Fun did the same.
It hit the shelves in 1986, and like the multitudes of other sugary kid friendly cereals to hit the shelves in the mid 80's, it only lasted a few years before being discontinued.

Circus fun had a lot going on in that box.....several different shapes (Hoops and balls), several different marshmallows (horses, elephants, lions, bears, tigers), and one underlying motive: MURDER. (OK, mostly shapes and marshmallows with very little murder.)
I remember eating this as a kid, and I loved it. It was like Fruit Loops, Kix, Trix and Lucky Charms all got together (Bow-chicka wa-wa...) and this was the offspring it produced. It was very sweet, very delicious, and as long as you didn't have coulrophobia you probably enjoyed it.If you did have coulrophobia, however, the commercials probably freaked you out.

It really was a pretty good cereal, and I am just kidding when it comes to the clowns, and all the MURDER......I think this cereal just fell victim to the over saturation of similar cereals in the 80's, and went away when people started to get a more healthy outlook on breakfast for their kids.Which is a shame.....

Because they all float in milk down here..........