Tuesday, June 30, 2015

From the Endangered Groceries List - Larry the Cable Guy Mac N' Cheese

I don't even know what to say about this.

Sometimes I see products in the store that just make me sad. This one....this one right here......this one made me extremely sad. When you go from the huge up and coming comic that everyone wanted to see....the one person everyone wanted in their movies and sitcoms..........to this: Having your own generic (it was in the dollar section, guys) Mac & Cheese (and strangely enough, doing commercials for heartburn medicine). Sometimes the fall comes quickly, and I hope Larry the Cable guy takes it all in stride (and stuck away a few million dollars on the journey.)

Git R' Done, Larry......Git R' Done.


Get it while you can, kids. I expect this to be gone REAL soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From the Snack Aisle - Nabisco Snaps

Product: Snap Cookies
Company: Nabisco
Years: 70's - maybe early 80's(?)

Hope everyone is having a fun summer! I know I haven't posted much lately, as family is dictating most of my time. Kids are busy creatures, so I spend many of my hours at the baseball/soccer fields and traveling too and from the baseball/soccer fields. But enough about me, lets talk about NABISCO SNAPS COOKIES!!!!

You know what?

I don't remember these.

The boxes are WAY cool, and I imagine I was around (as in living, not fat) when these cookies were around, but I just plain don't remember them. They came in 4 flavors, Chocolate, Chocolate chip, Ginger, and Vanilla.

How cool are these?

Like I said, I don't remember them, but enough people do to create a Facebook page for them. https://www.facebook.com/NabiscoSnapCookies

Yep, Nabisco Ginger Snaps have a Facebook page. (I'm pretty sure they would just send me annoying game requests, though, so I didn't friend them. No I won't play Farmville with you, Nabisco.)

Oh, shoot, I have to get my 12 year old to baseball practice ASAP.......talk amongst yourselves about these sweet treats from the 70's (and maybe 80's? Anyone know???)

If I could go back in time, these would certainly be on my list of must try treats.

Until next time, shoppers............enjoy your summer!