Friday, October 30, 2015

From the Frozen Foods Aisle: Monster Freez'ems

Product: Monster Freez'ems
Company: Welch's
Years: Mid 70's

(Did you know it's impossible to scare someone using text?)

So it turns out that Good Humor wasn't the only company offering a scary treat to kids in the 70's and 80's. Welch's also had a product in the mid 70's called Monster Freez'ems. They came in 4 different flavors: Grape, Orange, Cherry, and Lemon-Lime, or as my kids would call it, "That's it?"

My kids are spoiled rotten, you guys.

OK, so maybe technically  these shouldn't be in the Frozen food section. You actually buy these unfrozen, and you pour the juice into these little monster molds that come with it, place the stick in it, then freeze it. After some time, bam: You've got yourself some ghoulishly delightful treats. So I guess these could be in the Misc. Products aisle, but since they are consumed in a frozen state (Minnesota?), I'm leaving them with the other Frozen Foods.

Like the 3-D monster Pops, I wasn't able to dig up (Ha! Halloween puns FTW!) much info on these items. So if you have more info, fill in the blanks for us!

Monday, October 12, 2015

From the Frozen Foods Aisle: 3-D Monster Pops

Product: 3D Monster Pops
Company: Good Humor
Years: It's a mystery.....

Image not my own - if this is yours let me know so I can give you credit!

So here's a strange little treat that I honestly had never heard of, but there has been a small buzz around the internet (as it seems many people DO remember these). Problem is, nobody really knows much about them. Contacting Good Humor resulted in the usual "We don't keep track of our stuff" response, and online other then fuzzy memories and the box art there isn't much to go on.

These were orange, cherry and grape popsicles shaped like your favorite monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and other devilish creatures. A Mummy perhaps? A Skeleton? We just don't really know.

I do think these are totally rad, though (totally) - and knew they had to be on the shelves here. But as far as more info, that's where you loyal shoppers come in. If you know anything about these (fuzzy memories and all), let me know! Like what part of the country (or world) did you eat these in? What years did you remember them from? How were they? Did they give you nightmares? Cavities? I need your help!

Comment below if you remember these and want them back in stores!

And don't confuse these with Welch's Monster Freez'ems - another 70's/80's product I will be adding to the shelves here.