Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From the Beverage Aisle: Milk Mate

Milk Mate Chocolate Syrup
Company: ?
Years - Late 70's/Early 80's
Milk Mate Newspaper Ad - 1979

Alright,  this one is new to me. I ran across an ad in some old Newspapers recently, and have come to the conclusion that it isn't around anymore. I have very little info on it. Other then it's more chocolaty then powdered chocolate mixes. And they'll give you a wagon to haul around your Milk Mate drink mix/friends in.

Is there anyone out there who remembers this stuff? Anyone? Helloooooo.............Echo.......echo.............echo..........

Milk Mate Newspaper Ad - 1980

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  1. I do !!!
    When I was young (not that far away...), I used to use Milk Mate as a chocolate sauce on ice cream. Mmmm.... :)
    I was wondering what happened to it, since it's not available anymore. The only remaning one is Nesquick. It was an equivalent. When Milk Mate was launched in 70's, other companies were only making chocolate powder, which was almost impossible to mix properly.

  2. I remember the commercials for it. hersheys chocolate syrup in the can already existed and had a better taste.

  3. I have what I believe is the only existing Milk Mate wagon to be found. It is new, never used, mint out of the box assembled. Great wagon for a collector, resturant, grocery store, or Antique Mall/store. Photos available for serious buyers.

    1. Do you still have this and prepared to part with it?

  4. i remember milk mate. it tasted good. don't know why it isn't around anymore. poor sales i guess. but it was good stuff.

  5. Interested in Milkmate wagon. 10SBRAT at gee mail dot com. Thx.

  6. Going on 47 years old here. Remembered fondly. Gone but NOT forgotten