Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Misc. Food Aisle: Klop Klop Whipped Topping

Klop Klop Whipped Topping
Company: Pfeiffer's Foods
Year: Mid-70's

Klop Klop whipped topping Ad -1976

Hmm.....Imported Whipped Cream Topping from Holland. I wonder if this is still being made in Holland, and if it is, why they stopped importing it.
Oh, right, nobody wants to buy a product that sounds like a disease.

Man: "Honey, I was out today and I picked up Klop Klop"
Woman: "I think penicillin will take care of that."

The ad above is the coolest part of Klop Klop, as it was drawn by long time Mad Magazine artist Mort Drucker. And everyone loves Mad Magazine. (Which is more then I can say for Klop Klop, or as I will refer to it from now on, "The Klop". Which sounds even more like a disease. Ew.


  1. It's still out there; google "Dr. Oetker Klop Klop Instant."

  2. Still exists, but only online from the Netherlands.