Monday, April 23, 2012

From the Frozen Food Aisle: Shrimpos

Product: Shrimpos
Company: Brilliant Seafood Inc.
Years: ?????

Who doesn't love breaded shrimp forms made from minced shrimp? Makes a hit at parties!

Seriously, I bet nobody remembers these.

This is all the info I could find: The "Shrimpos" trademark expired in 1984. Hence it goes into my new category: "Clearance Rack Mysteries".

And I found this ad:

So Reach for Shrimpos! Or don't. I could care less.


  1. I have a feeling the designers/advertising people didn't think it through that the box printed in crummy B&W makes the product look like something a dog would make.

  2. I remember these things into the early 80's

  3. My grandfather was one of the research scientists at a university lab where they figured out how to stick the broken pieces of shrimp together into something resembling a shrimp shape. Later versions were shaped more like butterfly shrimp.

    I have probably consumed my weight in these from test lots.

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  5. Isn't shrimpo the insulting name Bobby Brady was called on the Brady Bunch?

  6. I don't recall the name Shrimpos or a black and white box, but I do recall actually LIKING the breaded, shrimp-shaped, minced shrimp things. The texture was great, because it emphasized the crunch of the breading over the usually-solid texture of non-minced shrimp.

  7. My father once bought several boxes of Shrimpos as a treat for the family, thinking they were real breaded shrimp. My mother pointed out the mistake but cooked them anyway. An extraordinarily disappointing meal. In my family, the word "Shrimpos" induces an involuntary shudder accompanied by a guttural groan of horror.

  8. Apparently, Shrimpos' company, Brilliant Seafood Inc. filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1989.