Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Announcing a New section for 2014: The Endangered Grocery List!

When I'm out grocery shopping, I have gotten into the habit of snapping pictures of products that are weird, interesting, and probably doomed to be pulled from the shelves. Snack foods, cereals, sodas and chips are some areas I can usually find these strange creatures. I snap a picture of the items on the shelves, in their natural habitat, if you will. It's kind of fun to look back and see how many of the items I shot didn't make it in the wild for long.

So that's why I'm going to start a fun new interactive part to this blog, and I'm hoping all of you faithful readers out there (all 6 of you) will help me out. The new section is what I am going to call "The Endangered Groceries List", and it goes like this:

When you are out shopping at your local Piggly Wiggly, Meyers, Cub Foods, or whatever grocery chain you have in your neck of the woods, be on the lookout for "endangered groceries".

What are "Endangered Groceries" you might ask? Well, it's those items you see on the shelves that catch your eye and you think to yourself "Wow, these are never gonna last". Maybe they are limited edition items that were never intended to stick around. Maybe they are items tied to some celebrity who is having their 5 minutes of fame. Or maybe it's an item that is just plain a bad idea that nobody is going to buy into.

Here are some examples that I have shot in the wild:

Limited edition cereal, will surely be gone in 6 months

And this:

Weird snack/cereal from a small company that I can't find anymore

Oh yeah, and these......weird......

Git R' Done! I give them a few months. Aren't people sick of this guy yet?

So, if you are out and about and come across any of these doomed to fail, endangered groceries, snap a pic! And send it to me at gbnfgroceries@gmail.com. Maybe I'll use it in the Endangered Groceries section, and you'll be an instant hero to people everywhere! (well, to the other 5 people who read this blog, anyway.....)

Thanks, and happy hunting!


  1. Interesting that Crispix is in there with all the Post cereals as it is a Kellogg's product. That aside I've wondered about a few cererals myself. Seems cereal always has at least one item on the endangered list.

  2. These were the only nutrition BARS in the 70's, purchased them tell 90's. Then and now they make POWDER packets, which require another product to complete. You guessed it dairy.