Thursday, March 27, 2014

From the Endangered Groceries List - Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Freezer Pops from Just Born

Imagine the sugary, artificial flavors of Peeps Marshmallows.......only in ICE FORM!

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
I'm not even sure what to classify these as.... Frozen Foods? Snacks? Horrible Ideas? Just Born's idea of a joke? Genius?

Whatever you call them, go get some of these if you can find them. I can't imagine they'll be around for long.
4 flavors, 10 pops per box. And they retail for under $2.00 a box.

I'm sure one day you'll go to buy some, and poof, they'll be gone.
Without a peep.

Yeah, I know......that one hurt me too, but it was for your own good.


  1. The Jolly Rancher ice pops are pretty good. Way better than the octopi brand, which taste like watered sugar. Their still available in the dollar stores here in NJ. Wylers brand are the best IMO.

    1. Wordspell correction not octopi, Ice-Pop brand.

  2. I have tried both the Jolly Rancher and the Peeps freezer pops. The Jolly Rancher freezer pops are pretty good.

    But the Peeps freezer pops are beyond good - they are super good! Ok the flavor is what you would expect marshmallowy; sweet. But the texture is unbelievably smooth,like pudding only smoother.Like silky velvet or velvety silk, whichever of those is smoother. It's like that in your mouth.

    I bought them one time, on discount the day after Easter almost 10 years ago and have never once been able to find them again. By far the most enjoyably textured food I have ever experienced.