Thursday, July 12, 2012

From the Candy Aisle: Dweebs

Product: Dweebs
Company: Willy Wonka Candy Company
Years: 1990 - ?

We've all been to the grocery store and witnessed what has become a tidal wave of product knock-offs.
In the soda Aisle, you can get a case of Mountain Fury or Dr. Thunder. In the cereal aisle, there is a knock-off brand of virtually every major cereal out there. From Cookies to Laundry Detergent, you can find hundreds of off brands that are very similar to the major brand they are reproducing. when you hear that there was once a candy called "Dweebs" that came in a multi-compartment box with multiple flavors, I'm sure you'd think it's obviously a knock-off of Nerds candy.

Problem is that this knock-off was actually made by the same company that made Nerds (Willy Wonka).

Ok, so maybe it's a stretch to call it a knock-off. A brand extension maybe? A reboot?

Dweebs were produced by Wonka in the early 90's, and they were sort of like Nerds, with some minor changes. Dweebs were much softer then Nerds, and had a smoother, more round shape.
Wonka also copied the Nerds box, but took it up a notch. Instead of having 2 flavors per box, they had.......are you ready for this......THREE FLAVORS! Did I just blow your mind? No? Maybe justs a little bit? Still no, huh? I should have lied and said four flavors. I'm pretty sure THAT would have blown your mind. No?

Each Dweebs box came in flavors like Strawberry, Punch, Cherry, and Orange. But sadly, they lived a short life in the shadows of their cousin, the Nerds. (that's what it actually said on the box,  "Cousins of Nerds". I know what you're thinking, how did the Dweebs and Nerds get girlfriends? Obviously they have a family tree, so they must have reproduced at some point...right?)

One day Dweebs went away. For good. Probably back to living in their moms basements, playing World of Warcraft and writing Star Trek fan fiction. Or is that what the Nerds are supposed to do? Like the candies, I get them mixed up.


  1. I miss the $#!+ out of these candies!

  2. Plz take to Twitter cos I'm not letting them get away with it!!! Please help me we can start a group on Facebook we can fight this and get dweebs for life looool no seriously I told them they will make crazy money I suggest u talk sense into them for a re launch!!!

  3. Bring dweebs back!! Come on 90's babies you know you want them back.

  4. Bring dweebs back!! Come on 90's babies you know you want them back.

  5. I'm down. i think about these all the time. RIP Dweebs :,(


  7. I really miss these. I think regular nerds have a dirt flavor. These were much better.

  8. I LOVED these!! Better flavor, nicer texture, and to top it all off, they were more sour!! They have brought everything else back, why not these?!

  9. I thought I was the only one that had an obsession with dweebs. Everyone I know seems to not know anything about them. I had no idea There were people like me out there, wishing, wanting and dreaming of the day the dweebs came back. I love you all. I say we Start a petition to bring them back.

  10. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain what Dweebs candy were. They were pretty much the opposite of Nerds, soft and sweet. Which is the reason I don't care for the Nerds, and why I loved those Dweebs!