Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From the Candy Aisle: Dynamints

Product: Dynamints
Company: Dentyne
Years: 1970s

I was recently reminded of Dynamints by my friend Jason Liebig over at Collecting Candy  (if you haven't checked out his website already, what's wrong with you?). You see, in the 70's, when you would eat something like French Onion Soup, or Garlic Bread, or Limburger Cheese, you would need a quick fix to rid your mouth of that nasty odor. And what better to turn to then the super minty flavor of Dynamints! They were sort of like Tic-Tacs, only with a stronger flavor to fix the poor decision you made for lunch. Onion Rings??? Are you serious, man? You've got a hot date with Tina from accounting later tonight to go see "The Apple Dumpling Gang", and chances are, you're gonna end up making out. EVERYONE makes out with Tina from accounting, so you've gotta do something to counter your poor decision to have the Onion Rings for lunch. I don't care how bad her daddy issues are, if you still have rotten breath in a few hours, she's gonna say "no thanks" to the lip embrace.

Here, have some of these:
Dentyne - Dynamints - full, unopened 25-cent container package - early 1970's
Image by Jason Liebig

Dynamints came in several different flavors: Peppermint, Spearmint, Regular, Fruit, Lemon Lime.....probably a few more that I'm forgetting too. Each plastic container contained 40 mints (and with your onion ring breath I'd suggest sucking on 39).

Vintage Dentyne Dynamints Peppermint Mints
Image by Gregg Koenig

Image From Grickly

So thanks to Jason Liebig for reminding me of these Tic Tac wannabes. I wish I had some of these right now, I pick up Tina at 7:30. And I just ate an entire Bloomin' Onion. Damn you Outback!!!!


  1. I should point out that the top container (mine) and the bottom lemon lime, both contain their original Dynamints mints. The middle containers have been re-filled with appropriately-colored Tic-Tacs.

    But you can tell by the shape that they're Tic-Tacs rather than Dynamints.

    1. And I believe fruit was a purple and orange mix. They were my favorite

  2. I totally remember these and miss them so much. I loved the fruit ones. Orange, Cherry and Grape. They were better then tic tacs by far.

  3. After toy companies stopped putting candy "pills" in doctor/nurse kits, we would fill the empty containers with Dynamints

  4. Damn, do I miss these. I was actually JUST wondering about them the other day, whether they were still around. I also love that they came in a "regular" flavor. Peppermint, fruit, lemon-lime... and "regular." Uh, how descriptive. (It was totally cinnamon, though.)

  5. LOVED Dynamints and remember them fondly as a little child in the mid-late seventies. I miss them AND that distinctive font of the label.

    "MMMmmmm.....Seventies font.....


  6. I remember these as well as an argument they caused between me and my mother. She came back from the store with some spearmint (green) Dynamints and she told me she couldn't find the Dentyne Dynamints. I said "But they ARE Dentyne Dynamints." She: "No I'm telling you they didn't have the Dentyne kind" Me: "But it says "Dentyne" right on the package!" She: "NO! These aren't the Dentyne-flavored kind!". She was trying to say she couldn't get the regular-flavored red kind.

  7. It's funny how one forgets the things they grew up with until you are reminded through photos or literature. I never would've known they stopped making these. You should do a article on Whacky Packs.

  8. The mixed fruit Dynamints (Cherry, Orange and Grape) had a spicy sort of bite to them that Tic Tacs didn't have. I loved them, I would have hoarded them if I'd known they weren't staying around.