Friday, January 18, 2013

From the Snack Aisle: Nabisco Chit Chat Crackers

Product: Chit Chat Barbecue Crackers
Company: Nabisco
Years: 1964-?

Short post today. I've got a bad head cold and feel pretty crummy. I need a bowl of chicken soup and some crackers to make it go away.

That's my segway into the post. Crackers. Yup, pretty crummy I tell you.

 Nabisco makes crackers, that's their thing. And I'm guessing over the last 50+ years they've had hundreds of crackers I've never heard of and have never seen. That's why it's always fun to stumble upon a long gone flavor, such as the Chit Chat Crackers.

What a 60's sounding name.

I just picture people sitting around their horribly decorated apartments talking about how awesome the last episode of "Gidget" was. Then someone would say "hey, lets go down to the drive in and get some burgers!", to which someone else would respond "We don't have to, I've got a box of new Chit Chat Crackers, by Nabisco!", to which the first guy would then respond in a really whiny Richie-from-Happy-Days-voice "But I wanted a Cheeseburger!"
Then they'd all start to dance. Probably the, no...the Mashed Potato.Yeah. That's it.

So, yeah, I don't really know much about these crackers. Other then the Nabisco trademark of the name "Chit Chat" expired back in 2005 and is still available if you're bored and/or starting a fledgling cracker company.

That's all I got today. I need to go blow nose and drink a bottle of NyQuil.

And don't lie, you've never heard of these crackers either.


  1. I remember these! The TV commercial from 1965 had a group of guys singing "Barbecue-oo-oo, barbecue-oo-oo, yeah, yeah, yeah!" to capitalize on Beatlemania. I hope to find that commercial on eBay or on YouTube someday.

  2. Loved those crackers. Woke up this morning with a craving for them.

  3. I lived in Old Bridge NJ growing up and there was a Sunshine Biscuits plant in Sayreville that made Cheez-It and other Nabisco products. You always knew where you were when you'd catch a whiff of their baked goods. Was a huge plant, but closed years before we moved in 1996.

  4. I ate these crackers all the time when I was a kid. They were the best!