Monday, April 1, 2013

From the Snack Aisle: Oreos Bacon Cream Cookies

Item: Oreos Bacon Cream
Company: Nabisco
Years: 2013-2013 (24 hours aprox.)

New Oreos!

Oh shit, I was trying to be clever and I think I might have actually given Nabisco a good idea.
I mean, they've tapped out every other Oreo flavor combination in the last 2 or 3 years.

"It's like dipping a warm piece of bacon into a glass of Chocolate Milk!®"



  1. People will buy anything that has bacon in it.

  2. I would buy these in a heartbeat

  3. So would I! Then I'd eat a package and my heart would stop. Totally worth it, though.

  4. Wow, didn't think this crappy photoshop job I did would fool so many people. Seems there are a lot of people out there thinking this is real thanks to 98.1 The Bull out of Kentucky.....How cute! Almost as cute as them also thinking Kentucky can beat Wisconsin if they meet in the NCAA Tournament! Unfortunately, like these Bacon Cream's never gonna happen. Go Badgers!

    (angry comments in 3.........2...........1..........)

    1. You are so cute, Jason! Good idea!

    2. Who? I dont think the wiscoonsin fudge packers made it.. Lame school. Lame state.

    3. Hey Keith! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Sorry I didn't get to respond sooner, but I was busy watching the Kentucky Wildcats go 38-1.

  5. I think people are simply saying their thoughts if it were real, like I did!

  6. Its not a Photoshop...they have them at Hannifords

    1. Which Hannafords please please please say your not kidding

  7. Its not a Photoshop...they have them at Hannifords

  8. Wait, they have them at Hannifords? I'm assuming that must be a supermarket chain??? If this is true, that would be Amazing, and I'd request that someone take a picture, because I'm going to need it for the lawsuit against Oreos, because it was MY IDEA! (I realize their lawyers would destroy me, but maybe I can get a few packs of Oreos out of it, anyway...) But the image above IS IN FACT a Photoshop job. I know, because I Painstakingly took 15 minutes out of my day to make it.

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