Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Beverage Aisle: Otter Ade

Product: Otter Ade
Company: National Pax Corp.
Years: 1983-1990

From the land of powdered drink mixes comes the long forgotten Otter Ade, the fruity sister to everyones favorite "Otter Pops". This drink mix was around in the 80's and was similar to your other drink mixes, came already mixed with sugar and contained Vitamin C (so that they could maybe sneak it under your parents radar, because you are really just drinking cups of sugar.....).

Who remembers this stuff? I was always a Kool-Aid kid, so my parents never really ventures into alternative ways to give us sugary drinks such as Otter Ade or Funny Face mixes. Though I have to say these packages are very appealing to a kid, not sure why I never begged for them.

On a side note, you can still buy Otter Pops today with these same characters on them. Wonder why they stopped making the Ade. And I wonder why they never had Sir Isaac Lime, a very popular pop flavor, in the powdered Ade form.

Also, a part of me hopes that there was an article in a newspaper or marketing magazine or something back in 1990 that read "National Pax Corp to stop giving kids Ades".

Otter Ade came in several fun flavors with it's own cool Otter mascot:

Alexander the Grape-
Otter Ade
Image by Grickly


                                                                                          Louie Bloo Raspberry-

Poncho Punch-
Otter*Ade Poncho Punch
Image by Grickly

                                                                                         Strawberry Short Kook-
Image by Grickly

Scarlet O'Cherry-
Otter*Ade Scarlet O'Cherry
Image by Grickly

Fun stuff. And extremely cool and collectable packages. Who remembers drinking this stuff?
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  1. Scarlet O'Cherry?! Does not exist anymore. Now it's Little Orphan Orange. I don't even know if that was an original flavor