Monday, January 13, 2014

From the Endangered Groceries List - Chocolate Chip Soda

Alert reader Apollo A. send us a unique item to add to out Endangered Groceries list today, and boy, is it a doozey. I've seen some horrid sodas in my time, but this one just doesn't seem right.

Today we bring you Presidents Choice Chocolate Chip Soda.

Created for the 25th anniversary of their Decadent Chocolate brand, Presidents Choice decided to come out with an assortment of items, such as pancake mix, cake mix, and for some weird reason, soda. It was meant to be enjoyed "straight up", or as part of an alcoholic drink. But if you ask me, I'd need a few drinks of alcohol before I'd think about putting this stuff in my mouth. There's a reason the market isn't flooded with chocolate flavored sodas, and that reason is because it's a terrible, terrible idea.....and I think Presidents Choice is already starting to realize this. Apollo told me that this soda retails for .99 cents, but he is seeing it already marked down to .33 cents a liter.

The reviews have not been positive either, so it's a good thing that this was a limited release. 
Not sure if this is sold in the US or not, as I believe Presidents Choice may only be a Canadian product, so sadly, I will probably miss out on this one. But if you have the means, I urge you all to go purchase one of these today!
Or wait until tomorrow and hit the dumpster behind the store.

If you are out at the grocery store and spot an unusual item that you have a feeling won't be on shelves long, snap a picture and send it to me at so we can add it to our Endangered Groceries List! 

Come on. Make your mom proud.


  1. President's Choice strikes again....PC FirstCream Peanut Butter Ice Cream and it's sister Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream. Yuck.

  2. I wonder which president chose them. President Obama doesn't seem like he eats a lot of junk food - have you seen the abs on that guy? Maybe Lyndon Johnson.

  3. President's Choice used to be in the U.S., it had deals with different stores in different areas to carry it. Their American stores (d/b/a National, went defunct in the mid-1990s) had it, Jewel-Osco in the Chicago area, and I think even the Sam's Choice chocolate chip cookies were a rebranded PC. I'm sure I read that somewhere.

  4. Canfield's chocolate soda has been around for a while....come to think of it, I haven't seen that in years....

  5. I gotta be honest; I've actually bought this product many (many) times, and it is DELICIOUS. I came across this blog page while lamenting sadly that I hadn't seen it on shelves this year. It's truly sad. It's much better than you might suspect.

  6. Tried it once, didn't finish the bottle and never had it again. It was bloody horrible

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