Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Just a friendly reminder that PLANTERS CHEEZ BALLS ARE BACK!!!!!

What a time to be alive.

Planters is jumping back into the retro/nostalgia market, bringing back Planters Cheese (I mean cheez) Balls and Planters Cheese (again, I mean cheez) Curls. Look for them in July wherever snacks are sold (so pretty much stores, convenience stores, inconvenience stores (where they put stuff up on REALLY high shelves)).......

Are we seeing a retro revolution? Are companies finally realizing the amount of money they can make by tapping into our youth and our wallets? What other retro grocery items would you love to see return from the dead?


  1. Ugh Still have not found these! I'm dying

  2. I need to seek these out. I haven't seen them while shopping my local stores. I'll have to look elsewhere. Now if we could bring back Eagle Snack Mix...

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  6. I know this is an old post but I just discovered your site while googling 'wacky wafers' and I love it! Planters Cheez Balls were my all-time favorite food growing up. I ate them every day for years, because it was the 80s and we pretty much raised ourselves at that time. I was ecstatic to see Cheez Balls back on the shelf and bought six canisters. Unfortunately, I could barely choke down more than a couple ballz. They tasted horribly synthetic and weren't as deliciously tangy and salty as I remember. I love that they brought them back, it was a great bit of nostalgia, but they are not really fit for human consumption. :(

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