Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From the Snack Aisle: Korkers Corn Twists

Company: Nabisco
Years: 1968-Mid 70's

As I add Nabisco's Korkers to my list of extinct groceries, I realize that I am eating Frito's Honey BBQ Flavor Twists. Completely by accident. And my mind is blow. I was going to explain how Nabisco filed for the Korkers Trademark back in 1968, and that Trademark expired back in 1992 (and is still available). I was going to comment on how they marketed Korkers as a great snack for digging through dips, and how I'm surprised nobody has revived the spiral shape in a snack chip since. And then as I wiped the Honey BBQ residue from my finger tips to type, I realized I had been stuffing my face with twin sister of the Korkers the entire time. So I don't really have a whole lot to say anymore.

Korkers were an early 70's snack that were spiral shaped corn chips. Think a curled up Frito. But the name.....Korkers? Does that name seem like an  odd name to anyone else? Almost sounds dirty.

Do you remember Korkers? Feel free to share your thought of the Spiral Snack That Ain't Comin' Back.

Hey, that's good....I should trademark that.


  1. I have been having a craving for these for months now. I *loved* them and do wish someone would revive them. Thanks for the memory :)

  2. I loved them too, but it seems like Nabisco has no intentions of ever bringing them back. And it's a shame. Maybe we could get a Kickstarter going.....

  3. The shape of these reminds me of Turbos Flamas.

  4. This was just about the only food that our dog wouldn't eat. If you tossed one to him he would catch it and then drop it on the floor.

  5. My last name is KORKER. Yes, I certainly remember my Grandfather and Grandmother feeding me these my the handful when I was a kid. I have an old empty box shell still saved in the attic I think. I guess I need to get cracking on getting the TRADEMARK reinstated to the rightful owners ... The Real KORKER'S ;)

    1. Hey Chip I'm your second cousin Frank Korker..let's go it

  6. The commercial for these was dumb.

  7. I think the name Korkers comes from its resemblance to the spiral end of a corkscrew.