Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From the Cereal Aisle: Urkel-Os

Company: Ralston
Years: 1991-?

In the early 90's, Urkel-mania swept the nation. I don't think I need to go into who Urkel was, because if you don't know you must have either been in a coma or not born yet (which in either case you can google it and find tons of info).

Lets just say he was a TV nerd, but not just any TV Nerd, a lovable TV nerd. But not just a lovable tv nerd, a lovable tv nerd WITH HIS OWN BREAKFAST CEREAL! (Take that Skippy from Family Ties).

Urkel-Os were strawberry and banana flavored rings that came in a box plastered with pictures of Urkel. There were 9 different boxes, just incase you wanted to collect them all to complete your shrine to Jaleel White (once again, coma patients and young people, just Google Jaleel White). On the back of the box there was a "Help Urkel Find Laura" game. Who's Laura you ask? Seriously? Haven't we established already that I'm not going to dive into the Family Matters universe, or even get my toes wet for that matter? Google.

The cereal was nothing new and exciting, just Ralston looking to cash in on the flavor of the day (Ralson was good at this, which we'll see in future posts). It lasted for a few years until the show started to loose its appeal when it was discontinued from store shelves. Boxes are still pretty easy to come by on Ebay (people must be taking down their shrines finally...)

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