Thursday, November 8, 2012

From the Cereal Aisle: S'mores Crunch

S'mores Crunch Cereal
Company: General Mills
Years: 1982-1988

1985 General Mills S'Mores Crunch Cereal Box Series 5
Photo by Greg Koenig

Of all the cereals from my childhood, S'mores Crunch has to be in my top 5 cereals I'd bring back if I ever ran for President of the United States and won. Which in this day and age, with all the money floating around the elections, is pretty tough to do. I mean, sure, maybe if some of you chipped in and started a Super PAC for me and were able to donate a few million dollars each, then maybe. But as it sits right now, it's a long shot at best, so you can probably just count on S'mores Crunch remaining discontinued, and that's a damn shame. Because it was delicious.

Launched in 1982, S'mores Crunch was, to put it simply, Golden Grahams with marshmallows.
But when you cut down to the core of what made it great, it was more then was truly special. It was grahams. It was chocolate. It was marshmallow. It was rainbows. It was unicorns. It was love.

It was all those things in a bowl (but mostly just the first 3).

You might remember the commercials for S'mores, which not unlike every kids cereal commercial made from the dawn of man, involved some kids trying to get some cereal. Then they run into a problem (someone steals their cereal / someone traps them in a cage and keeps them from getting their cereal / they get hit by a bus). Luckily, they have some help getting them to their beloved cereal. In this case, they are helped by The S'morecerer. He takes them out of the horrible situation they are in (trapped in a room with a Nickleback album playing over and over and over again) and drops them right smack dab in front of a big bowl of S'mores, and after finishing their cereal, one of the kids cleverly says "Can I have S'more?" stupid kid, no you can't have any more, it's been discontinued.

In the late 80's Smores Crunch tried to rebrand itself as S'mores Grahams, and it lasted a few more years into the early 90's, but it was finally discontinued for good after the great marshmallow famine of 1992. Or it just wasn't selling as well as it had been. It was one of those two things I think.

General Mills - S'Mores Grahams cereal box - 1989
Photo by Jason Liebig

In 2003, Kelloggs ripped off the idea and came out with a cereal called Smorz which was a @%*#*!$ travesty to all things holy. It wasn't the same at all. It was a cheap knockoff of a cheap knockoff of a once great cereal. So I just pretend it never happened. Kind of like The Hangover 2.

Finally, an observation: Is anyone else kind of creeped out by the cartoon marshmallow on the box? I mean, on the S'mores Crunch box, it looks like him, Chocolate and Graham Cracker are all buds, just hanging out, smiling......waiting for you to take them home and love them. But then, on the S'mores Grahams box, Marshmallow has decided to eat his friends, like some sort of Marshzombie.
Just an observation I had. Probably means nothing.

Or does it? (note to self - load guns for impending zombie marshmallow apocalypse.)


  1. "But then, on the S'mores Grahams box, Marshmallow has decided to eat his friends, like some sort of Marshzombie."

    Still better than those horrid "Cinnemon Toast Crunch" commercials of today featuring the cannibal cereals.

  2. This was a favorite of mine growing up! I loved it!

    Watching the commercial again, did the kid "Casper" himself in the beginning? That freaked me out. I thought he died in order to get the cereal. It was good but not "die in your sleep" good.

  3. How similar was this to the recently discontinued Kellogg's Smore'z because I loved that cereal. It was replaced by the Krave Smore's flavor, which is ok but nowhere near as good.

  4. I Still eat this TODAY! How i buy Golden Grahams HERSHY SYRUP MARSHMELLOWS! And mix them Together!

  5. I loved this cereal too...I want it to come back!!!!...the Kelloggs one is too sweet....

  6. I loved this cereal too...I want it to come back!!!!...the Kelloggs one is too sweet....

  7. Thank you for this! I was born in 81 and a very young thing but I vaguely remember eating Smores cereal. No one remembers! I was like, "don't yall remember? And it was just like golden grahams, but the squares were chocolate and it had marshmallows in it??" And crickets. I was beginning to think I imagined it!

    I just found something similar. It's by Malt-O-Meal, that cereal in the bag. It is basically golden grahams, with coco puffs with the marshmallows. It's much better than that Kellogg's crap, and the closest to the old fashioned kind that I can find. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's obviously knockoff golden grahams and coco puffs in that it gets soggy in milk super fast.

    Then I got to thinking. It shouldn't be that hard to make. I could get an actual real box of brand name golden grahams and coco puffs and mix them. Amazon has dehydrated marshmallows and add some in. In theory, it should test like this malt-o-meal stuff without that obvious cheap flimsly knockoff-sogginess.

    1. I also thought I had imagined or dreamednof the golden grahams with marshmallow cereal! I was born in 83 and when id mention the cereal nobody seemed to remember it! Its the Kazaam Sinbad movie of cereals 😂

  8. This was the best cereal ever, hands down.

  9. I remember Smores Crunch/Smores Grahams unfortunately I never had a chance to enjoy this cereal (although I enjoyed many boxes of its more famous big sister, Golden Grahams thoughout my childhood/early adulthood) Actually I saw a picture of one of the last boxes of Smores Grahams that promoted the Disney movie "Huntchback of Notre Dame" (1996)
    so General Mills kept making the cereal at least to the late 90s. given the wave of 80s /90s nostalgia and Kellogg's reintroduction of its own short lived knockoff and Malt o meal's imitation, I wouldn't rule out a General Mills reintroduction of Smores Grahams, even if only just as a limited time product (a la the Big G Halloween monster cereals)

  10. I have talked about this Cereal for years asking everyone don't you remember it, I was young and I remembered golden grahams and marshmallows and I loved it, please bring it back

  11. This was some might fine cereal. Loved it.

  12. I remember being creeped out by the kid having an out-of-breakfast experience, then somehow manifesting a previously non-existent brand of cereal from the 88th level of Heck, to his mother's eternal horror.

    The cereal itself was tasty, though.