Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From the Beverage Aisle: King Stir

Product: King Stir
Company: Pacific Hawaiian Products
Years: I'm guessing late 60's. Complete Guess, though.

ORange King Stirs
Image by grickly

King Stir.....the Bubbly drink mix on swizzle sticks.

Here's another product that was just a bit before my time, but I recently saw this item posted on Flickr by Grickly, and I fell in love with it. The magical swirl in the glass.....the candy coated swizzle sticks.....the legless king.....love I tell you. Love it.

I know very little about this other then that the packaging rocks, so any and all info to help fill in the Bio would be welcomed. It was made in Fullerton, CA in what I'm guessing was the mid to late 60's by a company called Pacific Hawaiian Product. It came in Orange and Lemon Lime (Imitation Flavors) and I'm betting it came in more.

So yeah, I know about .5% of the history of this. But I know 100% that the package is amazing.

And I'd really like to know what's up with the legless king. Combine Accident? Or is he a ghost king?


  1. Early 1960's...Launched in the Midwest.

    No idea why I remember this but, the tv jingle went:

    I'm stirring, I'm stirring
    Look Ma, I'm stirring!
    Lots of fun for everyone
    A brand new kind of mixer
    Sweet bubbly drinks,
    Quick as a wink
    It's even fun to fix-ah,
    New King Stir
    It's (boomp,boomp,boomp) Stir-icious!

    1. You seem to know every jingle there is. I see that Google is your friend.

  2. It's incredible the stuff we remember from our childhood, isn't it? Thanks for sharing! Anyone else remember this jingle?

  3. Thank you for restoring my sanity!!! Yes I remember these, my mom bought these for us in Illinois when we lived there in 1963-64. No one I ask remembers them!

    1. I remember them as well in Minnesota. (I was born in 53) My folks never bought them but I have friends who 's parents did. One friend use to call it, "King Stir It." As I remember Fizzys came out first and King Stir came later. I think it would be a good seller now. Back then you had Fizzys, King Stir, & Kool Aid. Zizzys and King Stir were mixed in a glass while Kool Aid made 2 quarts. Thanks for posting and bringing back memories.

  4. I used to take king stirs to school in.NC in early 60's

  5. I can, perhaps, shed a little more light. Back in 1963, my father was hired by Pacicfic Hawaiian (the makers of Hawaiian Punch) to oversee the production of King Stir in PH's Plymouth, Indiana plant. After many problems (including keeping the tablets from breaking off the swizzle sticks and keeping them dry, so that they wouldn't fizz up in the package), the whole line was abandoned (though I'm not sure just which year that occurred - most likely 1965 or so).

    1. Correction: The company's name was Pacific Hawaiian.

  6. They came in Coca Cola flavor as well. I used to drink them.

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