Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From the Misc. Foods Aisle - Fruit Helper

Fruit Helper
Company: Betty Crocker
Years: 1973 - ???

In 1973, Betty Crocker expanded their line of "Helper" products to include this fabulous flop, Fruit Helper. It was a kit that allowed people to make a fruit desert with either canned or fresh fruit, but it was really a half-baked idea, as whipping up a fruit desert didn't take all that long to begin with, so it wasn't needed.

People didn't think it was handy, so the Hamburger Helper Hand gave it the finger, and poof, it was gone.


  1. You need to add Au Gratin Tuna Helper to this list. It was delicious! It was macaroni noodles, cheese sauce, tuna (obviously) and then it came with a crumb topping that I LOVED.

    1. I just remembered there used to be a tuna helper flavor that made a delicious tuna type pie. It had a crust mix you put into a pie plate. Meanwhile you made a tuna filling on top of the stove, poured it on the crust and put some sort if topping on it. It was quite filling & made a good meal, but alas no more 😢

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