Monday, October 31, 2011

From the Candy Aisle: Sticklets Gum

Sticklets Gum
Company: Wrigleys
Years: 1986-?

This was a gimmick that Wrigley's unleashed on the world in the mid 80's: Take the gum they are already making, cut the sticks into narrower pieces, put 9 sticks in a pack (instead of the normal 7) and give them a catchy name and a ho-hum-package. It was somehow supposed to tie in with the economy of the time, and that we need to "slim down" on stuff.
Came in several different flavors.
Did it work? Do you remember buying and enjoying (or not) Sticklet's gum?


  1. The spearmint flavor was definitely different from regular spearmint gum. It was a stronger flavor. I remember as a pre teenager getting this gum all the time. It was my favorite. Also Hubba Bubba mint flavor was great back then. There's another gum that's gone.

  2. i seem to remember this came in a 21-stick pack

  3. Lame! (I see that someone else wrote this but it was my honest reaction to the commercial). I remember the product but never tried it. So, save yourself two calories and watch the pounds slip away.