Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From the Miscellaneous Products Aisle: Richard Simmons Salad Spray

Product: Richard Simmons Salad Spray
Company: Chelton House Products
Year: 1989-1990

Say what you will about Richard Simmons.

No seriously, go ahead, I'll wait.

Exercise Guru and punchline Richard Simmons was WAY ahead of his time when he created a line of salad dressings in 1989 called Salad Spray. The idea was that you don't need to drown your lettuce in salad dressing. Instead, this bottle would spray your salad, sort of like Windex..... each squirt would release one calories worth of dressing, so you know how many calories you're getting. Interesting concept. Only problem is, it was way before it's time (you can find these products on shelves these days by other large name companies....it just took people 15+ years to catch on and accept them.)
It was the late 80's, and people loved their salad dressings. Or people just were a bit weirded out by Richard Simmons and didn't want to be made fun of by strangers/friends/family/strange friends and family.

It came in several different flavors: French, Italian, Roma Cheese, Dijon Vinagrette, and Oriental (whatever that flavor is).

I couldn't find a whole lot about this product, and actually I had forgotten about it until I was reminded by reader Darryl Heine. So I dug into the internet a bit and still couldn't find much.
So I'd be surprised if anyone really remembers using this stuff at all....spraying your salads....or your annoying sister.

So go ahead.......laugh at Richard Simmons all you want.

Sure, I can wait again.

Who wants a salad??!??!???


  1. I remember the comerical for this stuff. Rich would explain will spray a salad how you got the taste but not all the calories.

  2. My grandmother was so angry when this went off the market. It was her very favorite. She continued to look for it for yeeeears. She fooled herself into thinking she was healthier than she was since she sprayed the dressing on every single bite.

  3. Listening to a best of Howard Stern and Richard is on promoting his salad spray. Great product bad timing.

  4. Wish Richard would bring it back!

  5. Yes I remember using this spray I loved it and still to this day look for a spray salad dressing.
    Come back soon.